Together We Can Fix it

The Solution is to restore the 2.5 million cubic yards of sand and 135 feet of width lost from Ponte Vedra’s beach since the 1980s.  

The dune system must be restored.

Progress To Date


  • Formed non profit, Save Ponte Vedra Beach, to protect PVB’s interests by retaining an attorney and a coastal engineer (Olsen Associates).
  • Educated the community on the extent of the problem and a corrective plan of action – along with Olsen.  The goal is restore the beach to its 1980’s condition.
  • After engaging an attorney, SJC hired Taylor Engineering for initial work on PV’s shoals.
  • Commissioner Blocker is elected.  We supported his candidacy and platform focused on restoring PV’s beach.


  • March:  Commissioners reallocated $500,000 of the annual bed tax to Ponte Vedra’s beach going forward.
  • April:  Friends of Ponte Vedra is formed.
  • June:  State funding in the 2019-2020 budget was received in the amount of $1.38 million for Ponte Vedra’s beach.
  • August:  PVB’s sand shoals look promising per Taylor Engineering.  The shoals have sufficient amounts of sand which is compatible with that on PV’s beach.  Now onto permitting.
  • September:  SJC Commission votes for SJC to cover the cost of design and permitting vs the unfair MSTU on coastal property owners.
  • November:  SJC Commission approves $3 million in surplus budget funds for PV’s beach.


  • April: FEMA approves berm for 19 miles of coastline in St Johns County, including Ponte Vedra
  • May: St Johns County Commissioners approve an additional $500,000 of funding for construction of Ponte Vedra’s renourishment project

Where We Stand

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