Why It Matters

baby sea turtles on the beach going to the ocean


Ponte Vedra’s beach has been historically important nesting habitat for endangered and threatened sea turtles such as loggerheads, greens and leatherbacks. It has ranked second in Northeast Florida in terms of density of nests.

Sea turtle nesting habitat is severely compromised in hurricanes. Sea turtles need wider beaches too for laying their nests!
Couple beach chairs lying on the beach with castle in the sand and sea in the background (3d rendering)

Economy & Tourism

  • Ponte Vedra’s economy and tax base are significant and dependent on the beach: It is estimated that Ponte Vedra generates about 40% of St. Johns County’s tax base with about $3 million in annual bed tax receipts.

  • The County’s Largest Single Beach (based on parking spaces): Is in Ponte Vedra – Micklers Landing.

  • Billions in Property Value at risk: Ponte Vedra has an estimated $6 billion of property value (per Zillow), about 13,000 properties and 27,000 people that would be impacted. Property values in damaged areas have been in decline since the hurricanes hit.

  • St. Johns County’s Two Largest Hotels are on Ponte Vedra Beach: The Sawgrass Marriott is #1, while the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club/Lodge is #2 . There are also Hundreds of Rental Properties are on Ponte Vedra’s Beach.
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